HOLIDAY WELLNESS INCENTIVE – Gift yourself a healthy you!

This 8-week long fitness challenge is FREE to members & easy to join! Just follow these two steps:
1. Register at the Welcome Center and receive your punchcard.
2. Weigh-In and Weigh-Out in the Wellness Center with a Wellness Coach.

Prize Rules:
    • Get your card punched 24 times to receive a FREE YMCA t-shirt!
    • Participants that do not gain more than 2-lbs of their original weight will be entered for a GRAND PRIZE!

Program Information

Program Period: November 22nd  — January 16th

Cost: FREE for members only

Weigh-In: November 15th – 20th   Weigh-Out: January 17th – 21st

*Weigh-In & Weigh-Out in Wellness Center during Wellness Coach hours.

Wellness Coach Hours

  • Monday – Friday
    • 6:00 AM -10:30 AM
    • 4:30 PM-9:00 PM
  • Saturday:
    • 8:00 AM – 12:30 PM