3 v 3 Basketball League

Play a fun recreational game of 3v3 basketball. Each team will play two (20-minute) games each week. Games will follow modified WIAA rules. All games will be officiated. Officials’ judgments are final. Like at any level, our officials will make mistakes. Any arguing will result in ejection. Please be respectful. Players must register individually however you can select teammates you would like to play with. It is also a great opportunity to meet new friends. Teams will consist of 3-6 players. COACHES are not provided or required. Age brackets are available for 3rd-6th, 6th-8th, High School, and Adult.

Youth Basketball

Learn the game of basketball from the place that invented the game. The Y teaches the basics of Basketball each week with skills and scrimmage time to learn the game while playing. Our goal is to have fun and try to promote development.

Indoor Soccer

The Y teaches the basics of soccer in the Winter season. We teach the basics of passing, scoring, defense, positioning, and more. Each week will also include scrimmage time each week. Normal gym shoes are needed for class. Kids can wear shin guards, but they are not required.

Youth/Middle School Target Archery

Utilizing the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) the Y offers a Youth Target Archery class! The NASP archery curriculum is comprehensive in teaching skills as well as safety through the “Eleven Steps to Archery Success”. The equipment used is a universal fit so that all students are successful no matter their size or ability level. The value of the Archery Program is to learn a “lifetime” skill, gain confidence, build character, and develop self-reliance. This course is for students 3rd grade through 8th grade.

Competitive Archery

Competitive Archery takes your archery skill to the next level. Participants are taught the same curriculum and the Yourh and Middle School program. The competitive team meets twice a week and has an opportunity to compete in Saturday tournaments across the state.

Middle School Pickleball

Learn the fastest-growing sport in America. We will explain the rules and scoring to all as well as create an opportunity to play pickleball with a group of middle school students. Bring your friends or come and make new ones during this social sport!

Homeschool Y PE

Participants will enjoy gaining the knowledge and skills required to play a variety of sports and other activities. Sports skills they will develop are coordination, throwing, swinging, and speed. The class will foster an encouraging and supportive environment while focusing on sportsmanship and teamwork. The goal is to encourage youth to lead an active and healthy lifestyle! 

Middle School Afterschool PE

New to the Y. Middle School PE is a great opportunity to come, play, and hang out. The students will help choose what games will be played each week but we will have variety. Games may include traditional team sports such as volleyball and basketball, Individual sports such as pickleball, tennis, track or even fun games like dodgeball or four square.

Preschool Sports

 Join in all the fun with this class just for preschool-aged children. This class is to get some of that extra energy out and have fun playing with others. The focus of this program is to learn to work as a team while learning the basics of multiple sports! Parents are welcome to participate and help their children! Ages 3-6

Beginner Sports

Want to have your kids try out multiple sports? We have the class for you. Participants will learn the very basics of multiple sports and work as a team to have fun. The goal of the class is to get kids to burn energy and learn a few new skills. All ability levels are welcome but just know we are playing for fun not championships in this class. Ages 4-8 yrs

Kids Move

During Kidz Club Moves children will dance and exercise to rockin’ CLEAN tunes, as well as, have the opportunity to create their own moves to instructor-chosen songs. Together the class will create their very own Kidz Club Moves choreographed song! This is a great creative time and a super chance for kids to learn from an adult and teach others their ideas! Join this fun time of moving, learning, teaching, and laughing!


Kickball is a fun game that combines the skills of baseball with kicking. This is a great way to learn baserunning, catching, and fielding. The game is a fun interactive way to meet new friends.

Indoor Teeball/Little League (Coming Soon)

Youth Volleyball (Coming Soon)

Flag Football (Coming Soon)

Floor Hockey (Coming Soon)