Birthday Parties are Saturdays from 11am-1pm

Party includes use of pool, 1/2 the gymnasium, and tables & chairs

Pool Rules
The YMCA does not provide towels.
You may bring your own towels or rent them from the Welcome Center for a fee.
Please do not bring toys from home.
Safety breaks may be taken as often as every half hour.
Food/Drinks are not allowed in the pool area.
Shoes must be removed before entering the pool area.
Children must be accompanied by an adult IN THE WATER at all times, in accordance with the ratio below.
Adult to Child Swim Ratio
Children 6 and under-
1 adult must be IN THE WATER for every three children.
Children 7 and older-
1 adult must be IN THE WATER for every six children.
If Adult/Child ratio is not met you will be denied use of the pool