Start Coaching is a series of 3 FREE coaching sessions with a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer, designed to support you in pursuit of your health and wellness goals. The trainer will meet with you to discuss your needs and interests. Together, you’ll develop your SMART goals, do fitness assessments, and receive a 30 minute one-on-one Personal Training session.

Who Should Attend

Everyone! Whether you’re new to exercise, have dabbled in it your whole life, or are comfortable in your regular workout routine, we will help you make the most of your Y membership. If you are interested in group fitness classes, swimming, walking, family programs, indoor cycling or use of our Wellness Center and equipment, our Nationally Certified Personal Trainers can help. The Smart Start experience is an opportunity for us to create your personalized roadmap for success and support you along the way. (Members only and one time per member.)

3 FREE Coaching Sessions:

 Session #1: Consultation 
Session #2: Fitness Assessments & Goals Review 
Session #3: Wellness Plan Review & Training Session