Our Nationally Certified Personal Trainers are dedicated to helping you realize your potential. They go above and beyond just offering you a challenging workout. They teach you how to exercise effectively and safely to achieve your wellness goals, rehabilitate injuries or become a new you with a detailed training program. You will love their energy and commitment to making fitness a rewarding and successful experience. 

Transform Your Spirit, Mind & Body $99.00

Need some direction or don’t know where to start? The Transform Personal Training Package will help you get started! For $99.00, meet with a YMCA Certified Personal Trainer and receive:

  • 3 personal training sessions, 45 minutes each
  • An initial consultation and assessment
  • YMCA of the Northwoods sports bag, water bottle, nutrition/exercise log book
  • Offer valid only for members and one time only.
One-On-One Personal Training

One-on-one training provides you with effective and time-efficient workouts. your Nationally Certified Personal Trainer will maximize your potential by leading you every step of the way. Our trainers are here to catch and guide you to a healthier and stronger you.

SessionsMember Pricing (per person)
THREE – 45 minute$35.00/session – ($105)
SIX – 45 minute$32.50/session – ($195)
TWELVE – 45 minute$30.00/session – ($360)
Semi-Private Personal Training

A great way to get results and motivate each other by training with two (2) to three (3) individuals under the direction of a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer. (2-3 people)

SessionsMember Pricing (per person)
THREE – 45 minute$25.00/session – ($75)
SIX – 45 minute$22.50/session – ($135)
TWELVE – 45 minute$20.00/session – ($240)
Small Group Personal Training

Small Group Personal Training will make you stronger. leaner, and faster with the help of a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer. The energy of a small group workout will keep you committed, motivated and on track to reach your fitness goals. (4-8 people)

SessionsMember Pricing (per person)
THREE – 45 minute$15.00/session – ($45)
SIX – 45 minute$13.00/session – ($78)
TWELVE – 45 minute$11.00/session – ($132)