YMCA Workplace Wellness Partnership

The Y Can Help to Facilitate Workplace Wellness
The Y provides education and activities at the worksite or at the Y that promotes healthy lifestyles for employees and their families.

Membership Subsidy

  • The Y will match up to 50% of the corporate subsidy, up to $120 annually.
  • Health education classes
  • Lunch n Learn series

Educational Wellness Training at Your Workplace

  • Y and Workplace Wellness Partnership materials.
  • The Y will work with your company to develop Wellness materials for your employees.

Why the Workplace setting is key:
Workplace settings are a great place to focus on changing behavior for a variety of reasons:

  • People spend more time in the work setting than any other setting in an average day.
  • Combined with incentive programs, the workplace provides a rich environment to change behavior and increase the number of employees with good health habits and lower number of health risk factors.

Return on Investment
How Workplace Wellness affects your company’s bottom line:
Some key benefits of Workplace Wellness:

  • Decreases health care costs
  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces absenteeism
  • morale and retain key staff

Employees that are physically fit can make a company fiscally fit!

Contact Dan De Lisle, Membership & Marketing Director, for more information:
715-362-9622, ext. 108 or ddelisle@ymcanw.org.