Group Effort in Our Community

The YMCA, Northstar Steel Fabricating Inc, and Rhinelander High School work together in building a dumbbell weight rack for the Y’s Wellness Center.

“Working on the YMCA project had its difficulties much like any project.  We had to make modifications and think about the changes and how they would overall change the project.  Mr. Schmidt’s classes gave me the tools to do so and it feels good giving back to the community in a way that has tested what I have learned in the classroom.  It also gave me a taste of the real world applications my skills can be used for,” Marshall Bessette, Rhinelander High School (RHS) student.

“My Mechanical Design Class designed the weight rack from the pictures and crude dimensions that I took the first time Stephanie Ruckheim and I met at the YMCA.  The class then used Solid Works to draw the parts of the weight rack, assembled them together to get a completed drawing with parts, and then on to assembly.  After it was assembled, the class created detailed plans with dimensions, so Marshall could fabricate the weight rack.  Overall, it was a great project to intermingle other classes and demonstrate how different types of skills are used from the design stage, fabrication stage, and the finishing stage. All of the students who took part helped in the success of this project,” Adam Schmidt, Rhinelander High School’s (RHS) Welding and Machining Teacher.

“I thoroughly enjoy how we can all come together for one great cause. Northstar Steel Fabricating Incorporated has been a great partner in helping the Y with many different projects. They are an asset not only to the Y, but also the community. Northstar Steel had mentioned this project for Adam and his students at RHS. From there the project and story took hold. We have put the weight rack in our Wellness Center for the members to utilize. We are thankful for this collaboration and the relationships we build to help ‘Unite the community to the power of happy, healthy living,'” Stephanie Ruckheim, Y’s Senior Director of Wellness & Community Initiatives.