Living in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, the Summer Day Camp at the Y has been a mainstay for families for years.  With our investment in summer day camp we will be able to maximize our environment while making a difference in the lives of even more children.The Building For The Future Campaign will ensure that the YMCA’s summer day camp strengthens and expands our environmental education opportunity.

The pavilion will also be available for our community for family gatherings, parties, and other events.

Low Ropes Course

Our low ropes course will consist of a series of elements built 12 to 18 inches off the ground using cables, ropes, and logs. Though each element has a physical challenge to complete, the low ropes are really all about the process. A group’s most important goal is to use the physical task to learn about how they work together. Whether they complete the task or not, they will learn about problem-solving, listening, cooperation, giving and asking for support, and balancing each individual’s needs with the needs of the group. Many of the elements may look simple, but the low ropes are truly a powerful tool. Groups become more cohesive as they learn to observe and improve their group dynamics. They create a more supportive community by helping all participants feel safe and recognized—a goal that all groups should strive for.


Participation in challenge course programming allows for many opportunities, specifically:

▪ Team Development (teamwork)

▪ Trust and Support (both physical and emotional)

▪ Cooperation (sharing success and setbacks)

▪ Asking for / Offering Support (helping and being helped)

▪ Building Compassion (understanding)

▪ Fostering Respect

▪ Communication Enhancement

▪ Leadership Development

▪ Promoting Physical Wellbeing

▪ Fun and Camaraderie

▪ Skill and/or Strength Development