It Will Be More Than Just A Place

Our Generation Center will have a positive impact on adolescent mental health by building a model that includes mental health awareness, academic support, enrichment opportunities, and self-advocacy. Positive Character Development will be incorporated into all aspects of our environment, culture, and adult practices.

This space will have a physical environment that is safe, predictable, attractive to youth and teens.

The adult practices include training our staff to know how to recognize typical adolescent developmental tasks as well as signs of concern, how to respond effectively to these concerns, and how to refer youth appropriately when needs are beyond our scope. The model is based on strengths, resilience, social-emotional development, and positive psychology.

We believe that all youth can succeed and it is our responsibility to provide the opportunity for them. The Center provides a place for youth to feel a sense of belonging which impacts their mental health.

In addition to serving our youth and teens in our of school time, the Generation Center will allow further engagement for adults and seniors during the day. In times of social isolation, the Generation Center will bring together ALL for purpose, engagement and connection.