In 1844, the YMCA was founded by individuals that saw a community needed and responded.

When generous donors like these think of our Y, they know it’s more than just a gym, it’s a cause. The Y is an organization that, thanks to the community’s support, continues to strengthen the community in which we live. These gifts are giving young people a chance to achieve their potential, empower people of all ages to lead healthier lives, and strengthen the bonds in our community. Thank You!

Ms. Gale Willcox
Dr. Lee Swank
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Tripp
Dr. Peggy Abel & Mr. Bob Abel
Mr. James Hardy & Mrs. Diane DeiRossi
Robert J Johnson Administrative Trust
Mr. & Mrs. George St. Catherine
Dr. & Mrs. David Boyd
Mr. & Mrs. George Juetten
Dr. & Mrs. Leo Norden
Dr. Judy Pagano-Thoms & Mr. Bob Thoms
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Wefel
CoVantage Cares Foundation Inc.
Ms. Mary Pautz
Wisconsin Public Service Foundation
Dr. & Mrs. Jim Bloch
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Heck
T.A. Solberg, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Larry McKitrick
Drs. Bill & Mary Padgett
Shoeder’s RV & Marine Inc.
Nicolet National Bank
Dr. & Mrs. Michael Henry
Anonymous Donor
Associated Bank
Mr. & Mrs. James Johnson
Dr. & Mrs. Joe Bodensteiner
Mr. John Fixmer
Mr. & Mrs. Steve LaPorte
Peoples State Bank
Mr. & Mrs. John Powers
St. Matthias Thrift Shop
Mr. & Mrs. Craig Grinde
Dr. Nancy Wilson
Anonymous Donor
Boyd Financial Services LLC
Dr. & Mrs. Jim Dyreby
Rhinelander Woman’s Club
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Grotenhuis
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Hauser
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Heck
Mr. & Mrs. Rod Linder
Kohl’s Department Stores Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Dave Havel
Rhinelander Lions Club
Drs. Scott & Wendy Henrichs
Ms. Connie Anderson
Mr. & Mrs. Shane Sparks
Kwik Trip, Inc.

Frasier’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling
Dr. & Mrs. Gregory Harbach
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Meek
First Weber Realtors – The Skagen Team:
      Mr. Ron Skagen
      Ms. Christy Schneider
      Mr. John Zenk
Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Weinand
Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Zietlow
Dr. Robert Kitzman
Mr. & Mrs. David Schlapman
Ms. Jackie Shihadeh
Mr. Thomas Thuerer
Mr. Ben Opsal
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Younker
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Anderson
Mr. & Mrs. Terry Berndt
Mr. & Mrs. James Brown
Ms. Cecily Dawson
Mr. & Mrs. Bob McVety
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Smogor
Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Aschenbrenner
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Foley
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Agnoli
O’Melia, Schiek & McEldowney S.C.
Ms. Carol Burton
Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Hetland
Ms. Dianne Jacobson
Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Neis
Mr. & Mrs. John Schiek
Dr. Amy & Mr. Dave Slette
Mr. James Warnecke
Rhinelander Cafe & Pub
A-1 Septic Service
Ms. Sharon Brinkman
Ms. Carol Burton
Mr. Craig Zarley & Mrs. Debra Durchslag
Slumberland Furniture
Mr. Tom Jerow & Mr. Steven Schreier
Mr. Ben Meyer & Mrs. Erika Warning-Meyer
Mr. & Mrs. James Miazga
Mr. & Mrs. Evan Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Michael O’Melia
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Schwai
Rhinelander Dental LLC
Brust Consulting, Inc.
Ms. Yvonne Klappe
Mr. & Mrs. Kirk Reese
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Spencer
Mr. Dale Burbie
Ms. Karyl Rosenberg
The Business Insurance Group
Ms. Darlene Cole
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Denis
Mr. & Mrs. Doug Ferrel
Mr. & Mrs. David Heck
Ms. Chris Love
Mr. & Mrs. Darrel Mack
Rhinelander Honda
Ms. Michele Riopel
Sowinski Farms, Inc.
Ms. Shirley Sowinski
D & J Auto, Truck & Equipment Repair Inc.
Ms. June Lego
Ms. Susan Bartels
Ms. Bonnie Breivogel
Mr. & Mrs. Mick Fiocchi
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Freudenberg
Ms. Jacki Quinn
Ms. Carol Dreifuerst
Ms. Jackie Boyer
Ms. Paula Braun
Mrs. Andrea Cirilli
Ms. Valerie Dreger
Ms. Mary Fortier
Mr. & Mrs. William Franti
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Hackel
Ms. Debra Johnson
Ms. Danielle Larsen
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Levanetz
Ms. Maureen O’Melia
Mr. & Mrs. David Peterson
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Rinka
Ms. Jane Roe
Ms. Patricia Sand
Mr. & Mrs. Will Taege
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Wallace
Mr. & Mrs. Nick Springer
Mr. & Mrs. Terry Rutlin
Ms. Judy Zarm
Ms. Char Dahl
Ms. Michelle Hines
Ms. Pam Cooper
Ms. Cary Polakowski
Mr. Michael Sheehan

We invite you to join these community leaders in considering a gift to the campaign, leaving your personal imprint on the future of your YMCA, as well as your community.