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Gymnastics Skills Assessments

Due to the progressive nature of the sport of gymnastics, the class level is based on skill ability and mastery rather than age. Evaluation tools are used to determine the placement of participants in class levels. Please contact the front desk to schedule a Gymnastics Skill Assessments.

Summer Gymnastics Camp


Join us for Summer Gymnastics Camp July 16th - 19th!!
All levels welcome! 
Camp will be held at James Williams Middle School Gym.
Level 1-2 at 5:30-7PM
Level 3+ at 1-3:30PM
Call or stop in at the Y to register!

Pre-School Tumbling*

Ages 3-5
Children must be able to participate without their parents and follow directions. Children explore beginning tumbling skills that develop balance, body awareness, coordination and motors skills while utilizing equipment stations. The class will emphasize growing self-confidence while learning to follow directions, listen and cooperate with others.

Beginning Gymnastics - Level 1*

This program is for children, at least 5 years of age, with little or no prior gymnastics experience. Basic gymnastics skills on the floor, bars, beam, and vault are taught including forward and backward rolls, handstands, and cartwheels. Includes conditioning to improve strength and flexibility.

Gymnastics - Level 2*

This program is for children with beginning level gymnastics experience who have mastered the skills required in a Level 1 gymnastics class. The class stresses form and body control of basic gymnastics skills on all apparatus. More challenging skills of tumbling including back walkovers and front and back handsprings are introduced. The class includes conditioning to improve strength and flexibility.

Gymnastics - Level 3*

Participants must master skills learned in Level 1 and 2 prior to registration. This class stresses form, body control and perfection of advanced gymnastics skills on the floor, vault, beam, and bars. The class includes working advanced skill mastery on floor exercise, including front and back handsprings and an introduction to higher level skills, such as cartwheels on the balance beam and kips on the bars.

Gymnastics - Level 4+*

Gymnasts must master skills required in Level 3 prior to registration. Gymnasts will work on their compulsory routines, strength conditioning and flexibility while learning new higher level skills. Gymnasts will learn and work advanced skills including round-off back handspring and front and back saltos on the floor, fly aways on bars, back walkovers and back handsprings on balance beam.

Gymnastics - Pre-Competitive*

Participants must be committed to becoming a competitive gymnast by training multiple days a week. These gymnasts must have mastered at least the Level 1 and 2 skills prior to consideration for pre-competitive gymnastics. The class will begin to learn routines along with the skills needed to compete at a Level 3 and beyond. This class will train on the floor, vault, beam, and a full set of uneven bars in the gym.

*Gymnastics registration can only be done over the phone (715-362-9622) or in person to ensure that your child is registered in the correct class for safety reasons.