Personal Training

Whether you're trying to lose a few pounds, compete in a fitness event or just get healthier, our Certified Personal Trainers have the knowledge and skills to help you reach your goals. They will tailor a program to your specific needs, wants and goals to provide the coaching and motivation you need to succeed. The Certified Personal Trainers will assess your goals and support your path to a healthy lifestyle.

Transform Your Spirit, Mind & Body $99.00

Need some direction or don't know where to start? The Transform Personal Training Package will help you get started! For $99.00, meet with a YMCA Certified Personal Trainer and receive:

  • 3 personal training sessions, 45 minutes each
  • An initial consultation and assessment
  • YMCA of the Northwoods sports bag, water bottle, nutrition/exercise log book
  • Offer valid only for members and one time only.
One-On-One Personal Training

One-on-one training provides you with effective and time efficient workouts. your Certified Personal Trainer will maximize your potential by leading you every step of the way. Our trainers are here to catch and guide you to a healthier and stronger you.

Sessions Member Pricing 
THREE - 45 minute $35.00/session - ($105)  
SIX - 45 minute $32.50/session - ($195)  
TWELVE - 45 minute $30.00/session - ($360)  
Semi-Private Personal Training

A great way to get results and motivate each other by training with two (2) to three (3) individuals under the direction of a Certified Personal Trainer. (2-3 people)

Sessions Member Pricing
THREE - 45 minute $25.00/session - ($75)  
SIX - 45 minute $22.50/session - ($135)  
TWELVE - 45 minute $20.00/session - ($240)  
Small Group Personal Training

Small Group Personal Training will make you stronger. leaner, and faster with the help of a Certified Personal Trainer. The energy of a small group workout will keep you committed, motivated and on track to reach your fitness goals. (4-8 people)

Sessions Member Pricing
THREE - 45 minute $15.00/session - ($45)  
SIX - 45 minute $13.00/session - ($78)  
TWELVE - 45 minute $11.00/session - ($132)  
Program Training

Program Training is with a YMCA Certified Wellness Coach. This program is a great option for those individuals who like to work out on their own, but would like guidance on training plans or new ideas for their workout. Get the most out of Program Training by meeting with your coach as often as your training goals require. This could mean meeting once a month to once a week, depending on the level of instruction you desire.

Program Training: $25.00 per 45-minute session

*Offer valid for members only.

 To schedule a free consultation contact Stephanie Ruckheim, 715-362-9622, x104 or