Member Policies

Policy of Non-Discrimination
It is the policy of the Y to make membership available to all persons regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, status as a disabled veteran, or financial circumstances: without discrimination. However, any persons on the national or state sex offender list may not trespass upon Y property at any time.

Membership Privileges and Conditions
Membership Types:
Youth:    Ages 8-17
College:  Ages 17 and up (enrolled with 6 credits each semester)
Adult:     Ages 18 and up
Family:   One adult and their dependents, or two adults in a committed relationship living in the same household and their dependents.
               *Dependents are defined according to your income tax return.

Youth Membership
  • All ages can use the track.
  • Ages 8-11 can use Wellness Center alongside a parent/guardian during family fitness times posted in the program guide and Wellness Center.
  • Ages 8-11 can participate in group exercise classes alongside a parent/guardian.
  •  Ages 12 and up can use Wellness Center and participate in group exercise classes with a teen certification.
  •  5 and under must have a parent/guardian in the water within arms length.
  •  6 and 7 must have a parent/guardian in the water.
  •  8 and 9 may be unattended for up to 2 hours, must have a parent/guardian in the facility, swim test required.
  • 10 and 11 swim test required, parent/guardian not required to be in facility.
  • 12 and up adult rules apply
Adventure Alley:
  • 7 and under are allowed in Adventure Alley.
  •  7 and under must have a parent/guardian in the gym.
  •  8 and 9 can participate in open gym times for up to 2 hours without a parent/guardian in the facility.
Membership Duration:
The Y offers monthly, annual and short term memberships.

Payment of Membership Dues:
The Y accepts monthly payment only by automatic draft of a checking or savings account or credit card. Members may pay by invoice only in twelve, six, or three month increments.

Termination of Membership:
Memberships are considered continuous until the member notifies the YMCA of the Northwoods they are discontinuing their membership or the member does not pay their annual dues by the end of the grace period. Members paying by electronic funds transfer (EFT) must notify the YMCA of the Northwoods 30 days prior to draft date to avoid charges drafted for the next month's membership fees. All memberships terminate at the end of the month.

Membership Cards:
The membership card is proof of membership in the Y and shall be presented upon entry into a Y facility.  If a card is lost the Y will charge a fee to issue a new card. Each member 8 years and older must have their picture taken and stored on their membership account.

When a member renews a membership within one month of the date it is due, he/she may be readmitted as a continuing member and the membership dated back to the day when the dues were payable. However, if more than 30 days have elapsed he/she is subject to joining fees.

Part-time Resident Status:
If a member is a part time resident; he/she is not subject to joining fees. However, if he/she lets membership lapse for over 9 months; he/she is subject to joining fees.

Suspension or Revocation of Membership:
Membership privileges may be suspended or revoked by the Executive Director. The length of suspension or a refund of membership dues or fees will be determined by the same authority.

The YMCA of the Northwoods understands that some individuals of all ages may need special one-on-one assistance in order to take advantage of their Y membership. These members may include individuals with physical disabilities, and mental or emotional challenges. Upon request the Y will grant a Care Giver pass to a member so that their care giver may enter the facility at no cost to directly supervise. If a member makes such a request, the Care Giver must accompany that member to the Y at each visit to directly supervise.

Membership and the use of particular privileges shall not be transferred from one person to another.

A member of another Y who desires to transfer to the YMCA of the Northwoods will not be subject to a joining fee.

Members who move to another geographic area outside of the YMCA of the Northwoods and wish to participate in a Y, he/she will need to contact that Y for its specific policy on membership transfers.

Nationwide Membership Program:
The YMCA of the Northwoods participates in the YMCA Nationwide Membership Program.

Guest Passes
The YMCA of the Northwoods encourages the use of guest passes as a way to recruit new members and to allow visitors to the area to use the Y. Each new adult membership will be awarded two complimentary guest passes annually.  Each new family membership will be awarded four complimentary guest passes annually.

All guests must have a valid ID for entry and complete the Participant Application before entry. Minor guests must have a parent or legal guardian complete and sign the Participant Application.

All Guests age 8 and older must have their picture taken and stored in the Y's database.

Code of Conduct
The Y is founded on Christian principles and prohibits inappropriate behavior and conduct. This includes, but is not limited to, profanity or abusive language, inappropriate attire, smoking, use of alcohol or drugs, the removal of Y property and criminal conduct of any type.  For example: Speaking in respectful tones; refraining from the use of vulgar or derogatory language and dressing appropriately.

Resolving conflicts in a respectful tone and caring manner; never resorting to physical contact or threatening gestures.
Respecting others by ensuring that an adult is supervising children age 10 and under; taking good care of Y equipment and refraining from intimate behavior in public.

Creating a safe caring environment; never possess, use or distribute a weapon; refrain from using cell phones in bathrooms and locker rooms and the pool area.

Participating in programs to build a healthy spirit, mind and body; respecting that all Y property is tobacco free; never engaging in the use of illegal drugs on Y premises.

He/she understands that there is no tolerance of taking a type of photo, video, or electronic data of members, class participants at any time. Conduct detrimental to the association and/or in disregard of Y member policies and practices may result in suspension and/or termination of membership privileges and possibly litigation.

Facility Use Policy
The YMCA of the Northwoods does not permit the use of its facilities by unauthorized independent contractors, personal trainers, private lesson instructors, individual or group coaching, youth or adult sports team practices, etc.-including those led by Y members, and non-members attending as a guest or day pass rate-which may or may not engage in the provision of services in exchange for paid compensation by parties involved..

The Y assumes no responsibility for injuries or illnesses which any member may sustain as a result of physical condition resulting from participation in any athletic activities, sports program, the use of any equipment, exercise or any other activities or programs. Members must acknowledge that he/she assumes the risk for any and all injuries and illnesses, which may result from participation in these activities. He/she then needs to hereby release and discharge the Y, its agents, and employees from any and all claims for injury, illnesses, death, loss or damage which any member may suffer as a result of participation in these activities.

Promise To Members
Members, program participants, and guests can expect:
  • To be treated with caring, honesty, respect and responsibility by all Y staff and volunteers.
  • Clean facilities and equipment in good repair.
  • Knowledgeable and helpful staff.
  • Policies and procedures to be in place to help keep people safe.
  • A Y that is fun for the whole family.
  • To be asked to contribute to the Y mission in time, talent, or treasure.