Financial Assistance

What is the financial assistance Program?

The financial assistance program, locally know as the Robert Kaulum Memorial Scholarship Fund, provides families in need within the community with financial support to participate in YMCA of the Northwoods membership and program activities.

How do I apply?

Scholarship Instructions

Complete Financial Assistance Form

Submit copies of the following documents:**

Most recent year's federal income tax form.

Letter from employer verifying current employment and income.

Recent paycheck stub.

**Include copies for all individuals contributing to household income.

How will the financial assistance amount be determined?
We have a sliding fee scale, based on total household income and number of dependents, which assists in determining amount of assistance.

How long will the financial assistance continue?
Need for financial assistance is reassessed annually.

May I do anything in return for this assistance?
YES! The Y is a volunteer organization. Children and adults are encouraged to volunteer to help earn assistance. Also, our donors appreciate knowing how their contributions are used, so submitting a short note about how you have benefited from the financial assistance program would be appreciated.

**All financial assistance forms are kept confidential.
If you know of someone who could benefit from financial assistance, please let us know.